December 21 2019

You might remember this from the last post as "the most ambitious and last minute shoot of our film making life", well guess what? It also turned out to be one of our best.
Orgone with Dante Dionys + Elara Elliot + Bishop Black + Dark Lynx + Mahx Capacity + Jo Pollux and Vex Ashley 

Wilhelm Reich's controversial ideas about the nature of God, sexuality and his association with communism meant that his work banned and his inventions and experiments destroyed. But the ideas persisted.

We built an Orgone Accumulator in Berlin and we fucked in it. Read this previous post for more information about accumulators and Reich's orgone theory.

The text in the film is from Reich's book about orgone theory, The Function of the Orgasm. This book describes Reich's medical and scientific work which revealed the existence of a radiating biological energy, orgone energy. Reich investigates the importance of sexuality for human life and its relevance in understanding society's problems.

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The accumulator is part science experiment, part esoteric fuck machine, part reverse glory hole.

I love chambers, sealed spaces that feel like little worlds outside of everyday reality. The frame of the film is designed to mirror the frame of the accumulator so when you're watching it can feel like you're entering that space, it's a liminal space, completely functionless and stark.

I love the way the sterile metal lined box gets progressively more smeared, sweated and imprinted with the marks of the previous occupants. Layers and traces of the history of the bodies inside. Going from something clinical 

We shot this during Berlin Porn Film Festival with some of our returning favourites and some new faces we were lucky enough to have in front of our camera for the first time. 

This film was made as a companion to HYDRA and so we invited Gus from Boy Harsher back to make another original score and he gave us another incredible sleazy, space age soundtrack for the void. 

>> watch ORGONE in full


I didn't really think about it when we organised this but all of the couples we shot in this film are actually lovers in real life, and they're also lovely and all people I admire, who make work that inspires me. I love going to Berlin and being surrounded by talented, excellent people for a week and making the most of it by putting them on film.

Because it was so last minute we didn't test the box beforehand and it meant that we went in without knowing what the experience of being inside would be like, the answer is... hot. Both in chemistry and temperature. The thermal imaging camera we were using showed that for most people the temperature was between 31-36 degrees celsius inside and it very quickly became apparent that it was going to be STEAMY, the lenses fogged and sweat poured off bodies and eventually the walls. 

The thermal imaging camera use is heavily inspired by the amazing Marne Lucas and her 1995 (!!!) film The Operation, I saw it at Uncensored Festival this year and it blew me away, I couldn't believe it was made so long ago and the technique totally captivated me. Marne is an incredible artist and a true pioneer and I'd urge you all to look into her work. 

I thought it would be piece of kit that would be so expensive it wouldn't be viable for us but I found out you can get one that PLUGS INTO YOUR PHONE, technology is very very good sometimes and the results are so fucking cool. Wetness, cold appears dark and heat is white. Inside the box basically everything is very warm but the almost radioactive glow of genitals and mouths contrasted with the black spit, blood and teeth is everything I'm about.

This is a film of three acts and I hope that diving into Orgone theory with is is as hot, interesting and expansive as it was for me.

original score by Augustus Hart - boy harsher


throat grabbing, spit, menstrual blood