frequently asked questions

how can I watch the films in full?
you sign up, create a 4C user name and password, pledge $9/month to get access to the supporters area with all the full length films!

if I sign up but don't want to support yet what happens?
you can choose to start pledging at any time, until then you'll just get updates to your email about new releases of films and information from us.

can I give a four chambers access as a gift?
not officially just yet, we’re working on it! for now you can sign up to pledge and then change the email associated with the account and password and pass the login details to whoever you’d like!

can I easily cancel/edit my support?
absolutely, go through this page on EPOCH support and follow through the steps "HOW DO I CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP?" - you will receive an email to the address you entered when you pledged, confirming that your membership has been canceled and that you will no longer be billed. (if you don't have all the information you need to complete the form, you can contact epoch so they can locate your membership and cancel it manually!)

hey look, you're cool and all but I just don't want it to say PORN on my bank statements?
no problem, the pledge will come up on your statement as: *fourch, all subtle and stuff.

can I download the films to watch offline?
at the moment we aren't currently offering download options, this is to protect our content from piracy and tube site uploading.

can I buy films individually?
we don’t currently sell access to individual films as clips, a pledge of $9 gets full access to watch every film.

what about accessibility?
- some of our films are available with subtitles and audio description, drop us an email to find out more.
- if you are struggling financially and can't afford to see the films in full we offer a skills exchange, drop us an email for more information!

how do you make films? how does the project work behind the scenes, do you make "ethical/feminist porn"?
you can read more about how we run the project, who were are and how we make the films, what we pay and how we navigate the complicated world of ethics in this post

what happened to Four Chambers on patreon?
Four Chambers originally built the project through running a fund on the site Patreon, unfortunately, after 4 years we were told we were no longer welcome to exist there, we lost all our income for the project and we had to rebuild from scratch - you can read more here:
our explanation
huffington post

I'm interested in becoming a Four Chambers performer or collaborator - how does that work?
you can read more about performing for Four Chambers right here

hey, Vex, I still don’t get it / I have a question / talk to meeee?
no problem, just email