January 28, 2020

Just a little sneaky look and what we're working on for the future of the site:

First, an exploration of catholicism and sex, from a different perspective. The first half of this film was shot in France with Carmina and Fennel in late summer last year, golden and hazy and gorgeous. We're travelling to shoot the second part later this month.

Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 15.46.18.png 5.48 MB

And the first look at the almost entirely opposite next episode in the Atrophy Portraits series with Miss Gold and her toilet. This shoot was intimate in a WHOLE other way, beautiful and brutal.

>> I'm also showing some films and giving a Keynote Speech at the first Bean Flicks festival in Birmingham on Ethics and Desires on February 14th/15th

>> and I was asked to make a film for the CAM LIFE exhibition currently showing at the Museum of Sex in New York, apparently when the exhibition is over I can host it here so you'll be seeing it here soon. 

It's taken a while but I'm finally feeling reconnected to making work again, sometimes when I'm feeling hopeless it feels like I only output like a broken tap just constantly pouring out Content™ and never having space to reset myself. Resting is hard when we're surrounded by messages that if you aren't making, creating, posting you're not anything. For me it comes in waves and sometimes I go through swathes of time where I feel like a vacuum; disconnected or oversaturated and unable to engage. I guess I want to say that even though I am so incredibly lucky and proud to have the opportunity to do this work, no matter how much you value it, exciting, weird, cool work can be like work sometimes and it can be hard. What snaps me out of it is having a really incredibly shoot that reminds me of the genuine, charged and powerful energy that fucking can have. You feel it in your gut and your bones rather than your head, it can genuinely be cleansing.

Excited to show you what's to come,