May 9, 2019

This was shot at Berlin Porn Film Festival 2016, with super babes Jiz, Valentine from over in Europe and original Four Chambers darling, Blath in a day of wet, wet, wet sliding sensory moisture.

Here's the write up from the original blurb from 2016:

Not to be that person but this year has been, on a global scale, objectively... terrifying? harrowing? like swallowing a mouthful of wasps? We have opened a portal into the void and the void is screaming hot bile and sulphur and fascism right back at us. 
But here isn't probably the place to contemplate the crushing reality of existence, when everything seems awful you have to take solace in fantasy - film is fantasy. Sex on film can be escapism, so let's escape. 

To round off 2016, we present to you the cinematic equivalent of a purification ritual, salt and water - wash away the crushing disappointment in humanity with this moist, ethereal celebration of things that are still good in life like sensory pleasure and watching water rivulets run down stomachs and gather in eyelashes.

Certain physical materials hold symbolic properties. Salt and water are two of these although maybe 2 that you would least associate with fucking, in the bestial, dirty animal sense of the word. But who says that sex can't be cleansing, can't be healing or be about absolution? Who says that purifying has to be pure and chaste?

Salt's history as a symbol of purification goes back centuries, salt circles and salt in witch bottles to ward off evil - it appears several times in the Bible when Lot’s wife is turned into a pillar of salt after disobeying God’s commands and in Buddhism and Shintoism, salt is used both as a purifier and to repel evil.

Washing and water in baptism and worship is about rebirth, casting off and being restored.

These might not necessarily be things immediately associated with sex but sex can be a ritual of restoration, connecting with the sensory, physical state of your body. Sex can help switch off a burned out, tired and anxious mind and give you the opportunity to exist in the physical, tangible, sensory world for a second or an hour.
(please forgive me, I'm not trying to sound like an energy healer here but you know what I mean)

We shot this in Berlin (putting my Air BnB ratings in serious jeopardy yet again by flooding an apartment with 3 inches of water, crystallised salt and writhing wet bodies)

So, Jiz is mine - and basically everyone's - long time 'admire from afar' porn crush, their existence in this world is a gift to us all. They brought Valentine who is a super sweet, gorgeous ball of energy and Blath who is well documented as one of my absolute favourite, most talented, beautiful humans. We flooded the floor and laughed and they came and were very nice about me covering them all in lukewarm water when they were trying to fuck. Chris took these magic black and white behind the scenes film stills of everyone in a little wet pile.

Remember when I said I was on a "pouring liquids on people embargo"  well that was Nov 2015, so this one was my celebratory one year on, back to our roots. I can't give it up all together.

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