July 22, 2019

Two full shoots and two months and it's here, the gloopy, teasy, alien captive fantasy of my dreams.
Hydra with Rae Lil Black + Lupa Vaux + Vex + The Guise - So. Aliens. Alien's are hot - I’m not exactly sure why and I don't make the rules I'm telling you what works for me, maybe there’s something to do with the unknown, the cold detachment that comes with...uh... inter-species communication issues maybe? Something to do with the removal of any context of sex that is about mutual communication and pleasure? Being probed does it for me, what can I say.

The act of penetration at its core is invasion, sometimes intensely and acutely desired and begged for and sometimes more complex. The sensation is intense and can be entirely changeable depending on the context in which the act takes place.
This film is about invading and consuming.
The monotonous, sterile mechanics of the fuck machine became weirdly hypnotic, the unwavering noise and repetition of movement that’s entirely oblivious to desire or want. It continues to thrust and fuck regardless.

Sucking dick is something that’s sometimes also put in the category of invading - subjugation and submission - something you do to serve someone else (which in no doubt is also good and also hot) but for me it’s often felt the opposite. Less like being penetrated, more like penetrating. I think that’s to do with teeth.

These an intense power in having someone’s most delicate body part quivering centimetres from two shiny sharp rows of bone that at any moment in a split second, with a slight change in mood, the muscles could be instantly engaged and the jaw clamped down. Having someone quivering, bucking and desperate to cum inside your mouth - riding the knife’s edge of that tension is my favourite feeling. Something about consuming is intensely powerful.

Chelsea G Summers said it best when she wrote in a piece for now defunct Adult Mag with "They forget that the cocksucker is the one with the teeth."

>> watch HYDRA in full


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For this I wanted to try a traditional porn POV static shot was heavily influenced by some of my own personal favourite porn from studio Klixen, the masters of achingly slow tease and release.

I fell in love with Rae seeing her deepthroating a crucifix dildo and when I saw she was coming to the UK I had to have her shoot something for us, she’s even sweeter and more beautiful in the flesh and was such a fucking trooper to spend the day soaking in litres of lube in my spare room.

Lupa might be one of our most requested return requests for Four Chambers shoots and perfect for this in everyway possible. We always joke that we’re separated at birth, the similarities between us physically are weirdly accurate, and we both have an intense appreciation for complicated power dynamics and twincest. She was kind enough to bring an anonymous victim 

The music for this film is an original score by Augustus Hart, of Boy Harsher (who’s track we used in the previous video) usually we work editing to existing tracks but Gus scored this perfectly in my ridiculous next to no time timescale and got all my references instantly. Very lucky and makes me want to work like this more.

The fuck machine came to us very short notice as a gift from the gods and is an encapsulation of all the things I love about the Internet. At 11am I posted a tweet wondering if anyone might have a fuck machine they’d let us rent to make a porn with and within the day I was driving to collect it, from Charlie and family, who are lovely. Actual quote from Charlie "I love that I have a fucking machine which is a disability aid, paid for in part with disability benefit money, that is now being used to make porn!" I love the magic of the internet. Eternally grateful.

(So I feel like saying I made a porn about aliens could be the absolute apex of cheese so I want to state that I hope it’s lose and subtle enough a reference to not verge into the ridiculous but what’s porn if not a little campy huh)

score by Augustus Hart - boy harsher

Four Chambers + Dwam


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