January 14 2022

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Porn is generally talked about like it only shows a particular kind of sex - that sex is straight, rough and relentless and all about penetration. This is the sex that's fixed in the mind of moral porn panic. Sex that doesn’t focus on intimacy, softness or shared mutual pleasure. 

Although porn is and has always been infinitely more complex and diverse, this is the idea that lives in the minds eye when society at large thinks about “porn sex” - the “bad sex” you’re not meant to enjoy - but there’s rarely any exploration of why someone could and would want to be fucked like that. 
What you could enjoy about it? 
What you get out of it?

water teaser // watch in full

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Binaries of good and bad in sex in sex are generally pretty useless, whatever you don’t like there’s definitely someone else absolutely relishing in doing. Why we desire what we desire is a lot more interesting, it’s never been that simple. The sex that feels objectively “best” or nicest isn’t necessarily always the sex we crave or choose to have. It’s a network of body, brain, culture and context that throws up some interesting contradictions. Pain and pleasure, anonymity and closeness, softness and aggression, safety and danger. Sex can be a playground for getting into that mess, fucking in the debris. 

No easy or neat answers but I wanted to make an ode to the act of not fucking but being fucked. Being taken. Taken out of your brain and into your body. Sex that knocks sense out of you for a second. Where you’re weightless and grounded, pinned and stretched. No pleasantries, no thinking just being and doing. Giving up and giving in to your body.

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We’re playing with the signifiers of more traditional porn, it’s got the fuck me boots, the LC4 chaise (such a regular feature in adult films they made a coffee table book out of it) it doesn’t have lots of Four Chambers coloured lighting and weird symbolism, it’s more stripped back and raw than we’ve made a film in a while. A contrast between the intensity of the sex and the stark emptiness of the setting. It’s got the cum shot, the spreading, the gasping. There’s a black void, a mirror, a narcissus pool, reflecting the action back at the performers and the camera. Ways of seeing.

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Sometimes what I want is fuck what I want. 
Sometimes I just want to be emptied out and filled back up.

I want to be slammed back into my body,
Shut down my careful, thinking brain
Exist in my self, in my warm flesh,
In my mess, in my discomfort, in my aching.

Fuck foreplay, fuck pleasure, fuck my careful consideration. 
Fuck my pleasure, fuck my orgasm.

Pin me, fix me in place. 
Feel the weight of a living thing pressing everything into you. 
- inside you,

Their skin, their sweat, their pulse, their hand on your throat. 
A warm mouth, a hard cock, blood flow, human heat
A body without organs.

Our bodies are containers for each other, to be filled up and spilt.
Tears, spit, blood, piss, cum
Gagging, giving in
A body reclaiming it’s control

I say I want you inside me and you split me open
I don’t want to know your name and I want to forget mine
Pull me out of my brain and into my body

Flesh, synapses, nerve endings
A vessel, a void, an ache

A blank slate

an O, a hole, an opening. 
A gasping mouth
A cunt stretched and spread

One tangled, gasping mass. 
Indistinguishable from one another, 
guts, sweat and pumping blood.

Consumed completely,
Body to body, embodied.

I talk to God when I get fucked.

This shoot was a little cursed with all of the bad luck. It was actually meant to be a three way, between me, Aaron and returning favourite, Bishop Black. Bishop’s train was delayed, then cancelled, then delayed - thank you to the privatisation of British rail for the excellent UK train service - to the point where we just couldn’t wait any longer and we had to go on without him. Bishop, we missed you, sorry we had so much fun without you. We’ll do it another time. Don’t miss him too much though because arrived in time to do a scene the next day with Matt Skully which is coming up next.

Aaron is amazing, this was our first time working together and we clicked instantly and the chemistry is pretty undeniable. Such a pleasure to have on set. Turns out an LC4 chaise is pretty great to fuck on but I would recommend some carpet grip to stop it sliding all over the fucking floor.

original soundtrack - failsafefailed

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