September 29 2019

The second film in our archetype series

Porn aesthetics and archetypes are fascinating, sex on film has always been innovative, at the forefront of pushing technology and creativity. Being pushed to the margins means you’re forced to make new rules and create your own visions, processes and traditions. Porn world developed its own visual language, signs and semiotics. The Archetype series is exploring classic porn stereotypes, archetypes, aesthetics and cliches and how we can explore, subvert or expand them.

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When planning this shoot Estella and Bunny were both interested in Bimbofication, which involves transforming into or taking on the persona of society’s idea of a “bimbo” - a “attractive, sexualized, naive and unintelligent woman” according to Wikipedia - as a turn on - Words connected to bimbo - “airhead” or a “dumb blonde” are looked down on by society as not the right kind of woman, we aren’t meant to aspire to this ideal. Woman who do present this way are often sneered at or mocked as dumb, fake and vacuous objects of the patriarchy. The archetype of the bimbo is a person who unthinkingly conforms to ideal of the male gaze. Sexually available and powerless, easy to manipulate into being used.  

The powerful draw of being dehumanised, objectified, used and is something that’s often explored through sex. Being used as a footstool, a toilet, a cock, a hole is something that to an outsider can seem unconscionable - but having a space to let go of your complex human existence - your anxieties, your fears, your sense of pride and place in society is intensely freeing. 

Existing just for a simple use, to come, to suck, to be filled. Existing as a fuck doll, the antithesis of society’s expectations. Getting to personify and explore what you’re not supposed to enjoy. Face your fear of yourself and go deep into it, play with it, become it and enjoy it can be freedom and power.

Russ Meyer’s films - and specifically the women in them, until recently were entirely dismissed in the cultural consciousness as trashy, vacuous, male gaze appeasing titillation and exploitation but there’s been a reframing of them as perhaps some of the first films with truly strong, voracious female characters, Roger Ebert talks about “His films were unique in that the women were always the strong characters, and men were the mindless sex objects” This subversion always fascinated me. (and honestly my first cultural reference for ‘bimbo’ were the fem bots in Austin Powers)

With this edition of archetype we wanted to play with the 70s porn, the golden age of skin flicks, the Russ Meyer bimbo aesthetic and make a psychedelic fem-dom acid fever dream. Beyond and into the valley of the dolls. Manipulation, intoxication, hypnosis and pink lips and big tits.

valley-dolls-sex-scene.jpg 10.24 KB

I had the best time turning my spare room into this set and now I want to keep it that way. Satin sheets and velvet curtains are in again now I don't make the rules and if you can't name a film after a Hole song what's the point in having a porn company.

Estella and Bunny were amazing and a dream to shoot. Lupa Vaux was our photographer and her gorgeous onset photos are to come in another post.

Come down the rabbit hole with us, hope you have fun.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) / Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens, Russ Meyer (1979)
Sophie Anderson & Rebecca Moore The Cock Destroyers (2018)
The Love Witch, Anna Biller (2018)
Legally Blonde (2001)
Cindy Sherman


Intoxication, hypnosis, D/s dynamics, spit, gagging, bimbofication