sadie | kali | vex

The second part of our meditation on obscenity, censorship, the body, excess and restriction, fakery and reality. We made these two films as a response to the ongoing and exponentially increasing levels of censorship and sterilisation in our lives, especially with sex.

The series is based loosely around the alchemical process of The Great Work/ Magnum Opus - the process of turning base material into gold, the philosophers stone. A clumsy metaphor for the way certain acts and bodily materials are treated as obscene and base and how powerfully transcendent they can be within the context of fucking.

The process at its most simplistic has 4 stages - blackening, whitening, yellowing and reddening, in the first part of this series we explored the red and yellow - this is the black and the white. In these films we explore the visceral bodily materials attached to these colours, materials often considered “immoral”, often censored, considered base and offensive and transforming them into elixir, into gold, something precious. Cinema alchemy.