MACHINE LEARNING EXPERIMENTS : soundtrack (pre order!)

Gus Muller's soundtrack to HYDRA and ORGONE THEORY on vinyl

Screen print poster

Limited edition screen print A3 posters, 3 designs.

Volume 1 : Assemblance

SOLD OUT (sorry!)

An attempt to make physical what exists in a digital reality.

A collection of work, images, references and words from the Four Chambers project from 2013 - 2015

featuring work from Crystalline, Proximity II, III, IV, Primavera, Impulse Response, Lurid Third Interval, Exchange II, Persephone, The Immaculate Heart, Espial, Ecdysis, Alchemy, Monitor II and more with previously unpublished images and writing.

222 full colour inner pages on arcoprint. Dust jacket and full colour + foil cover.
printed by Pressision Ltd

Sketchbook : L'Appel Du Vide

A catalog of drawings from Four Chambers sketchbook. Secret drawings and art work from films and photos you know. Porn on paper.

Includes an absolutely unnecessarily opulent foiled gold leaf cover. Half notebook / half antique collectible.

32 page A5 booklet on arcoprint. Limited run.